Phillip Namanworth Bio


Phillip Namanworth's music career has been highlighted by his funky signature vocals, bluesy piano playing and his world class band, Always Somethin', backing him up.  Phillip has intertwined twenty five years of studies and teaching of Jewish mysticism and Chassidus as a long time Talmud of R. Simon Jacobson, imbuing the wisdom of the sages with the rockin' rhythm and blues of the soul, bringing the material and the spiritual worlds together in a fusion of spirit and song.

For the past few years, Phillip Namanworth has been playing clubs in NYC with his incredible band, Always Somethin'. The band is comprised of well known musicians who have played and recorded with many top artists. They have developed a unique style and sound deeply rooted in blues and jazz and funky soul. Phillip's entertaining lyrics feature a signature meaningful mixture of emotion and humor and spirit highlighted by genuine song writing craft.



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